freeman 634

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re venued into the public
that's why we are in a republic

people are proud of democracy
people are limited human being
my legal person resides in a constitutional republic

security of person means
protection for something valuable
a human life is unlimited value
a lost sheep
a commodity

insurance doesn't matter in nature
doesn't happen in nature

you loose rights when you register
for benifits and privileges
but now you subjugated your rights
they warn you to obey the rules in order for them
not to pay out the security

but you can underwrite all agreements yourself.
you are able to set off any of the accounts by
yourself. creating an indemnity bond by taking a birth
certificate and leaving it in the treasury expressing
it on paper.
you have an innate ability to do it. live and act honorably
in the public.

you have unlimited commercial liability, when you take
responsibility for what you do.

responsibility is protecting you against me and being concious.

abundance can never be depleted under point of scarcity

the system is not broke, it is generic
put in place for a specific purpose
we need to adress again the research
the payment system is what is corrupt

their lives depend on the national credit act
also they will realise that they have immunity against

using the remedy and recourse built into the Bills of Exchange Act
acceptance by registered mail of a bill,
the lawyers were harassing him for the money
he said he did
lawyers were waiting for the mail, the lawyer took it to the bank
and they cleared it.

any bank official does not have indemnity and runs the risk of being

a company that is bankrupt is being administered,
it is being controlled by its creditors.

no man or woman can be bankrupt unless you die!
before the credit act there
came the bills of exchange act
and it is still playing, this act

and we forget, and we Act in public
but I operate in the public
I go into an operating room and I operate
in the public.

commercial law is powerful
if we apply this these principles
with discernment
and responsibility
and tolerance
and grace
offering them an exit policy
then things start happening
the way they are supposed to happen

difference between the credit act and the bills of exchange act
credit act cannot exist without the boe act and the constitution
the constitution is founded on natural law,
the rock, the physical land.

you cannot protect your inalienable rights with an act.

constitution is a document of no authority
there to protect benefits and privileges?
an act always has a preamble. the constitution does not
apply to people, it applies to persons or corps or officials
working for the government.

it is a frame, or framework.
if they don't stay within the framework,
we the people have the right to claim against them
or to take them out of office.

it is simple, and therefore people will resent this.
go read the preamble and the constitusion.

a person is a legal term for many things but it is not
a human being.

an id document is an insurance you have accepted.

why is the branch and the head at the same place?
what is an executive officer?

a workable and complete definition of negotiable instruments

a negotiable instrument is a document of title embodying
rights to payment of money or security of money
(or the security of person settling for the payment of money)

the security of money is only the security of human being
unless you with deed transfer to title the security