Constitution of the Commons

A syndicate for a better safer tomorrow, a voluntary transition.

Syndicate Manifest

All rules are no better than the women and men that wrote them, but the spirit of the word can carry through the ages.

We seek a mindful society of mutually benefiting participants, a society of equal opportunity and equal worth, that recognises the origins and cycles of people and things. We seek a culture that respects life above all and and the needs of every individuals right to safety, stability and self-determination second.

We seek worth as defined by the respect for all life, the amount that one individual benefits the community, and the needs of every individuals right for safety, stability and self-determination.

We seek the decentralization of all power, for solutions will always exist nearer to the problem.

We realize the necessity of free access to information and the imperative of bringing the truth.

Syndicate Codex

Wherein we explain the following concepts:

Destroy false hopes, the longing for a future condition over which you have no agency. Hope is no power.

It takes three autonomous individuals to found the syndicate. Each new member must be interviewed under four eyes, and approved or rejected in turn by three individual members. Each member creates an individual signed approval file which the new member receives as his credentials. Each approving member is responsible for this new member. Each new member creates a signature with which they sign (and encrypt) all information passed. Each member has access to all assets however assets require responsible member approval and presence.

All members keep a list of signatures and contacts as well as their asset responsibilites. Signed exchanges of words are principal means and tender between members, and must be taken at face value until countersigned.

Membership can be resigned or severed, in which case member keeps entitled assets but no longer carries avalid signature or right to any assets or dividends. Membership may be revoked by signed act of the three responsible consignees. Two out of three may act by signed proxy.

Our members are authorized to negotiate any exchange they deem reasonable with other entities for the mutual benifit of the land base and communities.

Syndicate Mission

We shall aquire land and means of sustainable production of all necessities of comfortable human life. We shall protect and improve the land base and its natural water and life reserves.

We shall create and discover sustainable sources of food, energy, clothes and arms as well as stock nonsustainable resources to the goal of creating a sustainable culture.

We shall strive to inform and educate everyone of our plight and model for mutual benifit.

We shall build, deconstruct, rebuild and transform society by forming self-organized communities of education, health care and social insurance.

We shall cooperate and honour all other communities which strive to the common good regardless of location or creed.

We seek the subversion of the systematic fascism that is implemented in the merger of state and corporate power.

We will build a culture of truth, local sustainability, decentralization, mutual benefit, information and trust.

Syndicate Precepts - Philosophy

These are lofty ideals and we are but humans, all imperfect and prone to error, greed and corruption. Each one of us must therefore resist centralization of power and the spread of lies and fascism which has already gone too far.

Subversion of the current false state of being myst be done based on a true connected state:

0. There is no easy way to do hard things, so the cost of the environment must be preserved!

We people have grown used to too much freedom with an absense of responsibility. So much so that the freedom is no longer deserved, and should be taken away until we assume responsibility for ourselves, others and the environ, giving "child" status to those who display lack of responsibility and rewarding the assumption of responsibility and benefits to society with local positions of authority. We must focus on trust in the genious of playful intelligence to achive wonderus feats of action: powerful technology has done damage and may serve the environ if it scales, but only through a change in philosophy can we change our souls and redeem ourselves. Saviour can not be had on your own; through collective experience are our lives enriched, are truths uncovered and false unjustness dealt with.

  1. Collective realignment of the individual as a form of justice: you are publically accused of what you have done, publically punished by the local community affected by your hurt in a mode appropriate to your affected damage, and given conditions for redemption as a direct, immediate response to your damaging behaviour.
  2. Truths are often uncovered by the most attentive and least powerful. This must be rewarded and reinforced by rite and immediate appropriate action.

III.In order to level the playing field and give rise to a responsible discourseful society we must realign our knowledge and require of the individual an education more than basic in:

  • literacy
  • historical analysis
  • warfare, defence, strategy, tactics
  • physical strength and combat
  • time management, choice, opportunity costs and focus
  • theory of mind, models of thought and their applications
  • the ecology and lifecycle
  • maths = Nature = { chem, bio, physics, ..}
  • information technology tools as a matter of course:
  • data mining
  • information theory
  • alternative reality: religion, control, politics, meditation

We must measure ourselves to ideals of the mastery of human mind and body.

A tremendous amount of work can be done by the disenfranchised and the unemployed but the activity must be self-organizing and rewarding.

  1. teaching
  2. cultivation of useful resources - food, clothes, shelter
  3. assembly / enrichment
  4. lobbying / civil action / recruitment

cultural movement with a goal that will rally the enlightend and inspire the unilluminated with direct social proofs. .

Due to topology and the lack of self-determination only a special few can do certain impactful tasks such as
  • design and engineering
  • leadership (public)
  • spin! perpetuate movement
  • deconstruction and warfare

"Inclusion of the outcasts", building bridges, translation, etc.. Anyone can be the special few but they must meet certain conditions, no inheritance without repsonsibility. Send our youth into the world to see!

The form of presentation of this new curriculum must be highly practical and inspiring, and requires inspired, knowledgable teachers. There should be little repetition, much ad-libbing, focus on specific tasks with cross-subject requirements and freeform/ open-ended problems. Trust our children to solve problems we have no solution to yet, by presenting the problems not as unsolvable, in a playful but real setting. For this curriculum to succesed first people must be inspired not by necessity and greed.

Enough utopian daydreaming:

We must deal with the ugly realities and this requires a radical disorganisation that drives progress while setting itself up for being outmoded, a "task team" model which can be reused but is not permanent with the goals of rendering wealth and the state obsolete and even pointless by instilling a revolution of values. * collective experience * responsibility * local authority * motives more interesting than wealth * knowledge and truth * self-determination in place of ambition

We must place ourselves in the inevitable future and image "false conditions" to subvert that future, to take action today and render a new future possible. There is nothing new unto the sun, nothing that happens outside of nature.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. Save life not civilization. If you consume the flesh of another, you now take responsibility of the continuation of that ones community. 2011-05-24 Released under the Creative Commons license attribution-sharealike, CC-BY-SA

  1. Transportation with 100% local power:
  1. wind airship
  2. wind landship
  3. local portable powerplant